CTU is the Nodal Agency for administration of Transmission Service Agreement (TSA) for TBCB projects which includes the following :

  • Coordination among TSPs and upstream/downstream entities in respect of interconnection Facilities.  
  • Appointment of Independent Engineer for monitoring the Quality of construction, adherence and compliance of standards and norms.
  • Preparation of Survey Report for selected projects as allocated by National Committee on Transmission (NCT).
  • To provide all technical inputs and resolve queries during the bidding process.

Further, TBCB project assets are to be transferred to CTU after 35 years from COD of project at zero cost and free from any encumbrance and liability. CTUIL and CEA in the thirty second year (32nd) of COD of the project will examine the need for upgradation and/or renovation and modernization of the existing system depending on technological options and system studies at that time.