Company Overview

Central Transmission Utility (CTU) came into existence through “The Electricity Regulatory Commission Act, 1998” enacted by the Parliament on 11th August, 1998 in which Indian Electricity Act, 1910 and Electricity (Supply) Act, 1948 were amended. The amendments established a single Transmission Agency i.e. CTU at the National level. PGCIL was designated as CTU by Government of India on December 31, 1998 for five years. Subsequently, Electricity Act, 2003 was enacted and Section 2 (10) of the Electricity Act, 2003 defines CTU as any Government company which the Central Government may notify under sub-section (1) of Section 38.

Accordingly, Government of India notified continuation of PGCIL as CTU under the Electricity Act, 2003 vide its notification dated November 27, 2003.As per MoP Order dated 17.06.2020, a new company was to be incorporated under Companies Act 2013, as a wholly Government owned Company under Ministry of Power to carry out CTU functions.

Accordingly Central Transmission Utility of India Ltd., a 100 % subsidiary of PGCIL has been established as separate company to undertake function of CTU vide OM dated 09.03.2021.

Central Transmission Utility (CTU) came into existence through “The Electricity Regulatory Commission Act, 1998” POWERGRID was designated as CTU on December 31, 1998 for five years


In line with provisions of the Electricity Act 2003, POWERGRID, a CPSE, engaged in execution and maintenance of transmission system was notified by the MoP as the CTU vide Gazette notification dated 27.11.2003.


Dec-20 : CTUIL was incorporated as a wholly owned subsidiary of POWERGRID


Apr-21 : CTUIL started discharging CTU function

Nov-21 : Monthly consultation meeting (CMETS) for planning studies started. Approval of schemes less than 100 cr. by CTUIL started.

Dec-21 : Network plan for 2024-25 published.


Mar-22 : Rolling plan for 2026-27 published.

May-22 : Started survey of transmission scheme under TBCB

Jun-22 : Started accepting open access applications on NSWS portal

Aug-22 : Started signing TSA for TBCB projects

Oct-22 : Initiation of Transition activities under GNA Regulations

Dec-22 : Started planning of transmission system using PM Gati Shakti portal


Jan-23 : Appointment of independent Engineers for project monitoring.

Mar-23 : Rolling plan for 2027-28 published.

Apr-23 : Started accepting open access applications under GNA Regulations

May-23 : New Website of CTUIL launched.

Jul-23 : RE-Developer Association monthly meeting started.

Sep-23 : CTUIL Mobile app launched for android and iOS.

Oct-23 : Facilitated projects for scheduling under GNA from 1st oct, 2023.Billing under GNA started from 1st Oct, 2023.

Nov-23 : NR-UNMS Console Installed & Commissioned at CTUIL, Gurugram