Engineering Department provides Estimated Cost of the Transmission System based on which projects are further approved by the competent authorities.

Engineering Department is responsible for formulation of Technical Specifications of Transmission System approved by NCT/MoP in coordination with CEA, that eventually becomes part of the RfP (Request for Proposal) document forming basis for bidding in TBCB. All technical queries during bidding of TBCB projects are also being resolved in association with CEA.

Engineering Department is also responsible for conducting survey of TBCB schemes, as assigned to CTU by NCT, and providing Survey Report to the respective BPC (Bid Process Coordinator) as a part of RfP.

Quality and Design checking by Independent Engineer is reviewed for quality monitoring of awarded projects in TBCB.

Engineering Department coordinates the process of physical connectivity of the generation projects, bulk consumers and ISTS licensee to the grid.